Hello, thank you for visiting my website!

I am a daughter, mother, spouse, passionate photographer and conceptual artist, lover of nature and observation, and a life-long student of many things. My past work experience includes a career in television production, advertising, and print and photo media. My work has involved solo and group exhibitions, and publication in both museum and academic journals. I am interested in a wide variety of concepts: investigating the history of art and how it connects to the modern-day sphere, what it feels like to be in-between spaces, the structure of society and how it shapes who we are as individuals, and why we think the way we do.

My goal as an artist is to provide imagery that starts a conversation, is thought provoking, sometimes symbolic, sometimes minimalistic or complex, sometimes static, other times interactive, but most of all... relatable.

My choice in art mediums are based on the concept at hand; digital and analog photography, installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, performance, and - as of recent - video and sound art.

My inspirations are....sweet smells and sounds, misty mornings and orange skies, the purity of nature and the energy of the city, the goodness of friends and the uniqueness of strangers, lively debates and a spiritual moments, supporting others and the feeding of souls.