The Deborahs Project on Instagram!

The Deborahs Project is a time-based performance piece where I - Deborah - enlist other “Deborahs” to go out into the community to explore the abstract nature of time. The project began as a way for myself, Deborah, to investigate what many of us struggle with: the lack of time. Early on, its structure was used to create supportive scenarios that allowed myself, Deborah, to be in multiple places at one time: practicing simultaneous time. A key component to the project is that each Deborah wears a red satin scarf, takes on the persona of Deborah, while reflecting on the theme of time. Through out time, The Deborahs Project has grown into a community of willing participants who have taken the project into an entirely new realm of investigation! This community has revealed various aesthetics of time, an individual’s perspective of time, the desire to be one’s best self at all times, and what it feels like to - sometimes- transform into someone else. All of which has led to questions regarding one’s identity, gender, age, and the act of servitude. To learn more about the project and to witness it’s evolution in time, follow @the.deborahs.project on Instagram.